Regenerating Balm

Xylem regenerating balm is a special blend of plants with regenerative, moisturizing, moisturizing, softening, radiation-protecting, anti-aging and free radical inhibiting properties with antioxidant effect.

Acts as a support to fade stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, itching, burning, dryness, burns, eczema, acne, diaper rash, deflates the skin. Provides natural antioxidants that help fade stains. Smoothes wrinkles and beautifies the skin.
Helps to strengthen nails.

Enriched with calendula (Calendula officinalis) that prevents the inflammatory reaction of the skin in various cases. Supports the healing of minor wounds. It has a large amount of antioxidants that protect skin cells against oxidative stress.

Thanks to its content of beta-carotene, phytosterols and salicylic acid, it relieves diaper irritation.

The milk thistle (silybum marianum) is a plant that has been studied in various ways as a preventive against skin cancer.

According to Laura Córdoba González, 2015: Silymarin suppresses oxidative stress induced by ultraviolet radiation (UVA) that can induce skin damage. Therefore, the topical application of silymarin may be a useful strategy to protect against skin cancer. At the dermatological level, there are preparations with Silybum marianum, whose purpose is to counteract the effect of free radicals on the skin. On the other hand, it was found that said active principles exert a strong inhibitory effect on the cyclic AMP-phosphodiesterase enzyme, which is usually increased in inflammatory processes, such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.”.

The stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) provides natural antioxidants, is bactericidal, the leaves have been found to act against Streptococci and fungi such as Candida albicans.

Steviosides reduce the action of free radicals that can decrease the elasticity of the skin. An in vitro study reveals the exceptional tightening effect of Stevia, as a natural botox. Its great healing power improves acne lesions and helps remove blemishes.s.

The olive oil (Olea europaea) that contains the regenerating balm of Xylem has several certificates, one of them the LSQA that confirms the application and continuous development of an effective food safety management system, according to the requirements of the ISO 22000: 2018 standard.
KOSHER certificate.
FDA certified.
Environmental Micro Analysis indicates that it does not contain any chemical contaminants, and is pesticide free. Extra virgin olive oil has a lipid profile very similar to that of human skin, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Helps restore the skin's natural moisture levels.

Our regenerating balm also contains coconut oil, which improves the health and appearance of the skin, improves hydration and moisture in dry skin.

How to use: Apply on the skin of your body, in dry areas or with any of the irregularities mentioned above. Preferably apply with damp skin. You can use the balm day and night, to protect and nourish your skin.

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil (Olea europaea), coconut oil (Cocos nucífera), calendula (Calendula officinalis), stevia (Estevia rebaudiana), milk thistle (Sylibum marianum).

Precautions: Do not use directly in the eyes, do not use in pregnancy, do not ingest, do not leave within the reach of children.
This product is not a medicine.

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