Shipping policy

Shipping policies:

Xilema. mx offers shipments to the entire Mexican Republic in your online purchases. Shipments are made by the service of the company FEDEX, Correos de México or ESTAFETA. The shipping cost depends on the weight and zip code of the package and may vary over time.

The shipping process in our Xilema matrix begins as soon as our customers make the payment of the order. From the moment our client makes his payment until his order is packaged and taken to the shipping branch, it can take from 1 to 4 business days. After you have completed your purchase process, you will receive an email from our company Xilema with the confirmation of your purchase. Subsequently an email with your guide number so that with it you can track your package from the website of the corresponding shipping branch.

Since your package arrives at the shipping branch (FEDEX, Correos de México or ESTAFETA), our company is not responsible if for any reason the delivery of the same gets delayed or lost due to causes beyond our company Xilema.

In case of total loss of your package, Xilema and the customer must complete the claim process with the parcel company. This process can take up to three business days to confirm it as missing. Once the process is completed, Xilema will send the package to be replaced.

For any questions or comments regarding our shipments and policies, you can contact the emailventas@xilema.mxor to the phone number 8110288884.