Xilema is a Mexican brand of biodegradable and vegan products for personal hygiene. It was born out of the need to provide the Mexican market with products for personal hygiene free of toxic chemicals, and in this way nourish, detoxify and externally regenerate our customers, without compromising the ecosystems of our planet.

Our products are formulated by Mexican scientists with the best cosmetic technology worldwide, made with plants and minerals with high quality certifications.

The products that contain water are magnetized with 3800 gauss magnets, to maintain the continuous vibration of the water molecule, and thus enhance the properties of the plants, make the water lighter and allow the product to penetrate better. to the tissues. The products being magnetized also help to eliminate fungi, bacteria or viruses..

We are a socially and ecologically responsible company, since a certain percentage of our sales goes to Environmental Education, to improve health in Mexicans and the planet.

The objective of our business is to raise awareness and sensitize the population, from the foundations of Environmental Education, supporting us with various methodologies, such as: talks, workshops and online marketing.

We make hair treatments, toothpaste, deodorants, balms, masks and soaps.

Our products do not contain:

*Propylene glycol.
*Mineral oils.
*Raw material of animal origin.
*Not tested on animals.
*Synthetic dyes.