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  • Jabón líquido Plasma marino

    Jabón facial Plasma marino
  • Equilibrium Solid Perfume

    The solid perfume of Xilema "Equilibrium" is a mixture of essential oils of flowers, woods, resins; vegetable butters and quartz, which provides a ...
  • Benefits of stevia for your skin's microbiota

    Thousands of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses live and reproduce in our body. To the total number of microorganisms present in our body

    It is called the microbiome, and the micro ecosystems that inhabit the different areas of the body are called the microbiota ...

  • Regenerating Balm

    Xylem regenerating balm is a special blend of plants with regenerative, moisturizing, moisturizing, softening, radiation-protecting, anti-aging and...
  • Xilema for the land 2019

    Annual Environmental Education Course for product development biodegradable and sustainable the Urbi villas del Prado Community Center in García, N.L. , Mexico.

    “Xilema for the land 2019”

  • Herbalist for healthy and abundant hair.

    Herbal for healthy and abundant hair with XILEMA.
    XILEMA herbal hair extract is a unisex treatment, suitable for people with a condition of the scalp, such as: alopecia, hair fragility, seborrhea, dermatitis, dryness or dandruff; It is an ideal formula with effective ingredients that stop hair loss, strengthen hair follicles, activate growth, provide collagen, keratin and elastin, and inhibit the enzyme that promotes baldness.

    One of the biggest conditions facing humanity today is hair loss. Regarding this, science plays a very important role to reverse it, the highest percentage of treatments to mitigate this condition are based on scientific herbalist ...