One of the biggest conditions facing humanity today is hair loss. Regarding this, science plays a very important role to reverse it, the highest percentage of treatments to mitigate this condition are based on scientific herbalism.

Jatropha dioica or commonly called Sangre de drago, is a plant native to Mexico, the name of the genus (Jatropha) derives from the Greek "iatros" (doctor or healer) and "trophe" (food or nutrition), which refers to its therapeutic effects. It is an excellent natural alternative to combat hair loss, due to its properties and benefits of hair regeneration and proliferation..

There are different methods of application in hair treatments, in our company XILEMA we add it in the form of extract in our solid shampoos drago and rosemary blood, as well as in the activated carbon and orange shampoo, which are mixed with minerals and hair nutrients that make a very effective product to treat hair loss, stimulate growth, nourish the scalp, seal the hair cuticle, provide shine and silkiness in a natural and ecological way.

It is estimated that 80% of the Mexican population suffers hair loss due to bad lifestyle habits, in this article we share some recommendations that can support you to keep your hair healthy.


1. A very important point is to reduce stress levels, since prolonged stress produces bad adjustments in the body causing hair to weaken and fall out. You can try exercising with activities to combat it such as: yoga, pillars, dancing or any other sport that helps you release tension.
2. It is necessary to use an organic and non-aggressive shampoo with the scalp, and suitable for our hair type.
3. We recommend giving a gentle scalp massage when bathing, thus facilitating oxygenation and blood circulation in the hair follicles.
4. Avoid the continuous use of dryers and irons. When they are used it should always be at a low temperature and only occasionally.
5. When detangling your hair, do it with wide toothbrushes, and brush from ends to roots, to avoid pulling and breaking your hair.
6. A healthy diet and good hydration is essential to have strong and healthy hair.

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  • Muchas gracias por la información, puntual, precisa y documentada.

    Lupita Cabrera
  • Muchas gracias por la información, puntual, precisa y documentada.

    Lupita Cabrera

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