Xilema for the land 2019

Annual Environmental Education Course for product development biodegradable and sustainable the Urbi villas del Prado Community Center in García, N.L., Mexico.

“Xilema for the land 2019”

First of all we want to thank Sustainable Society A. C. (SOSAC) for opening our collaboration with the Xilema for land course, at the closing of 2019 activities, at the Urbi villas del Prado Community Center.

The two days of this course, working together with SOSAC, leaves Xilema a pleasant learning experience towards the change that is required as a society, to improve the health of the planet and of the living beings that inhabit it..

Xilema for the land, is developed with the purpose of promoting the care of the environment and the health of Mexicans, with the conscious use of biodegradable products for personal hygiene.

This project is supported with the support of all the people who are part of it, thanks to the sales team and our valued customers, since thanks to you we have achieved the annual goal to teach this Environmental Education course "Xilema for the land 2019 ”.

We take as a basis what was stated in “United Nations (2018), The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals: an opportunity for Latin America and the Caribbean (LC / G.2681-P / Rev.3), Santiago, as a key proposal for the educational intervention of this course.

The deterioration of the environment has aroused concern in our company for the care and protection towards nature, which is why this year 2019 we decided the radical change in our products, to partially or totally eliminate the waste generated during and after the production of the themselves. As well as allocating a certain percentage of our sales for Environmental Education.

Our goal as a responsible and conscious company is and always will be to improve
Mexicans' health, create awareness in waste management and take care of

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¡You are part of the change!

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